Things to do in Dublin: The Jameson Distillery

Deciding to visit Ireland was an easy choice. We were asked to accompany Josh’s parents for our first group trip overseas, and we simply couldn’t say no! I had saved plenty of IHG hotel points, so I knew that I could get us a hotel for two nights for virtually nothing, right in the city centre of Dublin. And with our return flights in mid-March only costing us £55 each, nothing was holding us back from living it up. (To put it into perspective, our Midlands to Highlands train journey cost us £88 each!). Coincidentally, we visited Ireland on the same week as St Patrick’s Day, but if you’re staying for the parades then check out Travel For A While’s post on the festivities!

The Jameson Distillery

Bow St, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Whilst Josh’s parents opted for a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, Josh and I decided to head to Jameson’s after a lovely trip to the Leprechaun Museum. By this point we were pretty high on life despite Storm Gazza (Gareth) trying to thwart our spirits, and eventually found our way there on foot after a 20 minute walk. Immediately, we could see that no expense was spared in terms of the design of the place. The forum/atrium area (as seen in the featured image of this post) was one of the most inviting and convivial bar spaces I have ever been in. And whiskey all around, even in the chandelier!

The Secret Tour

We had looked online beforehand at all the tours available and decided that we wanted to actually do something, rather than just be shown around. So, we queued up, booked our slot in the Secret Whiskey-Tasting Tour and sat down with a Jameson’s and Ginger Ale until it was our time. It wasn’t long before we were ushered in to a quiet little room in the back that was designed to mirror Jameson’s original office and his own personal bar. Our tour guide was very personable and knowledgeable about the company (of course, but you have to give credit where it’s due) and other than myself and Josh there were only two other guests. So if you are looking for a quiet, intimate, luxury tasting then the Secret Tour is the way to go about it. Whiskey and typewriters, what more can you want!

“A good story cannot be devised, it has to be distilled.”

Jameson’s motto

Tasting the whiskey

I’m sure you are all wondering now about the alcohol. Well, it was a treat. You each get four premium blends of Jamesons Whiskey to taste; one of which is only available at the Distillery itself, so potentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It goes without saying that you are encouraged to drink slowly and add water where needed, as these drinks are a very high percentage (and neat). Our favourite was Jameson Crested, but we didn’t dislike any of them!

After the tour

The fun didn’t stop after the tour ended – we stayed for a while in the atrium, printed our Jameson’s tour certificates and paid a visit to the gift shop, where Josh bought his own whiskey glass to remember the experience. It’s been almost a year now since we did this and still I would do it all over again. We were very impressed by the tour and the building itself, and now we recommend that all you whiskey lovers give it a go! But if, for some reason, this tour doesn’t catch your eye… they also offer a Make Your Own Whiskey Blend experience and a Cocktail masterclass!

*Please note this post first appeared on my previous blog, and has been adapted.

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9 thoughts on “Things to do in Dublin: The Jameson Distillery

  1. I’ve always wanted to go the Jameson Distillery! My husband went when he was in Ireland on a tour (this is before her met me). Apparently, he and his friend were poured out of the distillery, and their cab driver ender up taking them home and taking care of them while they sobered up lol. Anyway, it’s nice to hear about the tour from someone who remembers it! I hope we can go and get a semi-private tour like you did. It looks absolutely wonderful!

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  2. The secret whisky tasting tour sounds so much fun, and so intimidate as well, there is nothing worse than being in a big group everyone trying to squeeze in to get a good photo, or being at the back of the group and not being able to hear the tour guide. I have suggested to my partner that we try and visit Dublin this year if we do I will definitely add this to our list of places to visit.

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