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  • Survived the global pandemic as a new travel blogger with 2k+ views & 600+ comments.
  • Educated to University level, having studied Creative & Professional Writing.
  • Professional expertise in many sectors related to travel-blogging: Hospitality, Tourism, Social Media & Administration.
  • Keen photographer with great ability – see my RedBubble shop here.
  • Located near the Peak District, with convenient access to most major cities (by rail or car).

Collaboration opportunities could include: honest reviews of destinations, tours, experiences or accommodation; and potentially sponsored posts.

I am open to opportunities from travel-related companies or travel-related ideas. Please use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page, and feel free to check me out on social media. Alternatively, download my Media Kit.

I am currently looking for future contributors to my Language for Lockdown series. If you want to work with me on a guest post or have any other enquiries, please use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page, or send a Direct Message on Twitter: @meaghanbethany.
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