About Me

▪️ meh-gun beh-than-nee ▪️

My name is Meaghan & I’m a 24 year old travel blogger from the East Midlands of England; but I have roots all across the UK as you might be able to tell from my Gaelic first name! Since I met my boyfriend Josh in 2017, we’ve been discovering Europe together. When I’m not travelling, I’m helping people to put down roots in my day job as a lettings administrator. When I have time, I also love to write – nothing inspires me more than picking up a pen or getting on a plane.

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures”

I want to use my platform to bring attention to some of the most important causes to me, my country, or the world. Some of these petitions or fundraisers may have a time limit so this section may be changed quite regularly.

Justice for George Floyd Petition


Suspend UK exports of tear gas, rubber bullets & riot shields to USA


Justice for Belly Mujinga Petition


Improve mental health and wellbeing for people across Derbyshire and Derby City


Donate to Lupus UK charity to help those with auto-immune disorders through the pandemic (and beyond)


Save Chester Zoo: for an extinction-free future


*Disclaimer: none of the images used alongside the causes are my own, they’re often owned by the cause they’re supporting.

My partner Josh has always supported me in everything I do, so I’ve created this little corner so I can give something back! Check out his gaming channel on YouTube, if you like that sort of thing: