Lokrum Island: an isolated paradise

I was convinced before we flew to Croatia that I had to take Josh to Lokrum Island, but it was so much more than I bargained for that I genuinely fell in love with it. I read plenty of blogs before we left, so I knew that it was fairly peaceful and that I should expect plenty of peacocks; but despite having a view of it the previous day on the Dubrovnik City Walls, I hadn’t quite prepared myself for how lush and green it would be. The sun was shining but there were plenty of places to find shade and respite, there were far less tourists than the city by far, and the bugs weren’t interested in us at all. All big pluses when you’re on an epic romantic adventure for two, and even more pluses for an anxious person who likes their space.

How we got to Lokrum

On our last full day in Croatia, we decided it was finally time for our more luxurious trip. We wandered through Cavtat to the Hotel Albatros, caught a “sea taxi”, journeyed on to pick up others, and then finally onto the island. The whole journey took 45 minutes, so only slightly longer than getting a taxi from Cavtat to Dubrovnik Old Town. It cost 100kn each for the boat, which is £23 total at the time of writing. Regular boats to Lokrum also leave directly from Dubrovnik port if you would prefer to take the quicker journey from the city. As we were based further out, we wanted to explore Dubrovnik and Lokrum on separate days so that we didn’t have to rush to get around, but I can see how doing both in one day would be more sensible and economical for other travellers.

Map for illustrative purposes only

When you arrive at Lokrum

When you arrive at the port you’ll need to make your way to the iconic pink building and pay 120kn each to be permitted onto the secluded island. At least partially, the funds from your ticket go towards conservation of the plants and animals (you’ll meet a few on your way around and be glad you paid for their lifestyles!). If you’re worried about getting lost, don’t be; Lokrum feels spacious but is in fact less than 1.5 miles long; and there are plenty of signposts to get you on your way.

What to do on the Island

Of course, we also have to talk about the Game of Thrones attractions. There is now a dedicated shrine in the form of an old monastery, where you can find a replica Iron Throne and house banners decorating the walls. Put your Kuna away though as there’s no entrance fee needed! Instead, keep on exploring around the area and you’ll find actual Game of Thrones filming locations, such as the ‘Qarth’ garden where there was an attempted assassination attempt of Daenerys in Season Two. Sadly we didn’t make it inside Fort Royal as my legs were too destroyed from Dubrovnik the day before, but I did have great fun trying to get the perfect shot of the courtly halls in the Benedictine Monastery.

After wandering for a while, you should explore The Rocks – they look like salt plains you might find in America. This is also where you get your view of Dubrovnik across the sea. It’s not pictured here because of sunbathers but trust me, there is a view to the right!

Where to eat

Near the ruins, if you can hear commotion above, follow the stairs and you’ll find a lovely little restaurant called Rajski Vrt. Surrounded by trees and greenery, this was probably the most picturesque place we ate in the whole of Croatia and it made us feel so special, like we were in a jungle. (Josh wants me to point out that he felt doubly special after discovering his first pint of cider in the country!) Unfortunately we didn’t get super high quality photos here as our Canon was put away for the meal, but you are welcome to Google this glorious restaurant! The server there was really enthusiastic and polite, too, whereas in our hotel the bartenders were a bit more abrupt. The dinner was a little more expensive than in Dubrovnik, but we didn’t mind paying for our once in a lifetime experience.

We decided that it was the perfect time to go back to the hotel at 2pm, after spending three perfect hours on the island. You don’t have to leave so early – the last boat is around 7pm so why not stay for some cocktails or explore the botanical gardens? Just don’t stay past nightfall, or you’ll be cursed!

*Please note this post first appeared on my previous blog, and has been adapted.

13 thoughts on “Lokrum Island: an isolated paradise

  1. Wow, Lokrum Island is so beautiful! It’s giving me some major wanderlust right now. It looks stunning and historical, and it’s so cool that you can visit places where Game of Thrones was filmed. My niece went to Croatia last summer, I wish I had known about Lokrum and could have suggested it to her. I guess we’ll all have to travel there as a family in the future. Great post!

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