Meaghan’s blogging story began on Blogspot when she was around fourteen years old. Almost a decade later, she has made the monumental shift to WordPress; to document her adventures around the globe… as well as other ponderings. đź’­

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  • Things to do in Dublin: The Jameson Distillery
    Deciding to visit Ireland was an easy choice. We were asked to accompany Josh's parents for our first group trip overseas, and we simply couldn't say no! I had saved plenty of IHG hotel points, so I knew that I … Read more
  • Finding Game of Thrones locations in Dubrovnik Old Town
    I discovered Game of Thrones late, around 17 years old when the rest of the world was nearing the end of Season Three. After the finale episode of that particular season, I watched the whole series back to front, then … Read more
  • Lokrum Island: an isolated paradise
    I was convinced even before we flew to Croatia that I had to take Josh to Lokrum Island, but it was so much more than I bargained for that I genuinely fell in love with it. I read plenty of … Read more
  • How to support important causes while travelling
    It's the year 2020 and people are rightfully more concerned about the mark they leave on the world when they travel, and many are making the conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Even Josh and I are looking into … Read more
  • 'The Best of Montenegro' Tour: my thoughts
    When it comes to package holidays, Tui is our holiday provider/airline of choice – and one of the reasons we consistently choose them is the ease at which we can book reliable excursions. In Sorrento, Italy, we did the Pompeii tour … Read more